Vereniging Nederland-Maleisië (VNM-Nieuwsbrief, May 2014)

28 May

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Editor: Bert Lever

Vereniging Nederland-Maleisië / Netherlands-Malaysia Association

Adres: postbus 95581, 2509 CN Den Haag (NL)
Tel: +31(0)70-3839550, mob: +31(0)6-23344851


*Also Refer to the Vol. 1/2013. VNM-Nieuwsbrief May 2013

*Also Refer to the Vol. 2/2013. VNM-Nieuwsbrief November 2013


View Into A Bird’s Life

28 May


DSCF6676DSCF6701 DSCF6729 DSCF6739 DSCF6740DSCF6760 DSCF6763 DSCF6769 DSCF6771 DSCF6764DSCF6780 DSCF6785 DSCF6802 DSCF6803 DSCF6805DSCF6807 DSCF6810 DSCF6820 DSCF6822 DSCF6824 DSCF6835 DSCF6839DSCF6842 DSCF6846 DSCF6851 DSCF6855 DSCF6861 DSCF6867 DSCF6877 DSCF6878 DSCF6894DSCF6895 DSCF6896 DSCF6898 DSCF6900 DSCF6902 DSCF6904 DSCF6905 DSCF6910 DSCF6911DSCF6919 DSCF6966 DSCF6975


Neighborhood Cats

1 May

20140430_233616 20140430_233328 20140430_233431 20140430_233719


Walkabout in Philadelphia

4 Apr

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London Walkabout

4 Apr

DSCN5915 Day around London 026 Day around London 2 002 Day around London 2 001DSCN5911 Family Pics 013 Gardens, Cat, and Walkabout at Westminister 004 Gardens, Cat, and Walkabout at Westminister 027   Talfalgar Square 004 Talfalgar Square 006 Talfalgar Square 005 Talfalgar Square 003Talfalgar Square 010 Talfalgar Square 015Talfalgar Square 018 Talfalgar Square 034Talfalgar Square 037 Talfalgar Square 045 Talfalgar Square 046Talfalgar Square 058


Weld Quay, Georgetown, Penang

3 Apr

Weld Quay, Georgetown Penang 032 Weld Quay, Georgetown Penang 033 Weld Quay, Georgetown Penang 028 Weld Quay, Georgetown Penang 004 Weld Quay, Georgetown Penang 021


Dreaming of Spring Blossoms

22 Mar

Gardens, Cat, and Walkabout at Westminister 012 Family Pics 011 Gardens, Cat, and Walkabout at Westminister 001 Gardens, Cat, and Walkabout at Westminister 038 Gardens, Cat, and Walkabout at Westminister 031 May Day in Little Venice 2010 029 Gardens, Cat, and Walkabout at Westminister 010

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