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12 Sep

I am a Freelance Researcher and enjoy photography, writing, history, traveling, and nature.

You won’t be disappointed as my focus is to bring numerous topics, images, and services to fulfill your immediate needs. This site is my way of documenting the different aspects of history, heritage, and cultures from various places around the globe.

 My focus is to expand my ability through experiences and more importantly to implement my academic knowledge on understanding the idea and concept of images of culture, heritage, and history around the globe. My goal is to bring similarities of the human value that exist in everyone across the globe.

Furthermore, I enjoy writing articles on historical events, individuals who have contributed to society and post newspaper or articles on lost cultures and the forgotten people or communities across the globe. Everyone who contributes to the development of society no matter how huge or small should have their story told. There are numerous lessons to be taught which; could help us understand not only the world around us, but unlocking our very own potential and knowledge about ourselves.


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