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Vereniging Nederland-Maleisië (VNM-Nieuwsbrief, November 2013)

30 Oct

The newsletter to contain numerous articles written in Dutch, Afrikaans, and English. Do check all articles by different contributors before checking on my contribution.

I contributed an article for VNM-Nieuwsbrief November 2013 which entitled Malaysia’s 2013 Haze Blitzkrieg.

Do refer page 6 & 7 of the VNM-Nieuwsbrief.

Click VNM-Nieuwsbrief_2013-2 to access the newsletter. Enjoy!

For information please contact or checkout the website below:

Editor: Bert Lever

Vereniging Nederland-Maleisië / Netherlands-Malaysia Association

Adres: postbus 95581, 2509 CN Den Haag (NL)
Tel: +31(0)70-3839550, mob: +31(0)6-23344851


*Also Refer to the Vol. 1/2013. VNM-Nieuwsbrief May 2013

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