Destination: The Norwegian Fjords

2 Sep

International Bellhop Travel Magazine

What is a fjord? You ask? A fjord is basically a steep, cliff-ed, valley that has been cut out of rock by glacial movement. Over thousands of years, the slipping-downhill of millions of tons of polar ice have scraped away the rock into clean — yet jagged and steep — impressions into the granite and other volcanic rock features in the Scandinavian Plateau.

Many of these fjords, which are basically just waterways that cut into the eroded cliffs just south of the arctic, are now waterways that cut deep into the interior of Norway, Latvia, Finland, and other countries within the arctic region. These hidden bays, and coves, and capes have been explored and enjoyed for hundreds of years. The Dutch shipping

industry first rose to prominence because of their marine and navigational skills — which were developed by adventuring in these same waters.

Today, the waters are…

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