Destination: Iceland by Morning

2 Sep

International Bellhop Travel Magazine

Drifting south from the Arctic North, glaciers, icebergs, and free-flowing ice carved out a beautiful island nation over millions of years. The result: Iceland.

Though Iceland has been a maritime camp for transatlantic voyages for nearly 500 years, it has always been a midway-point, rather than a destination. Only recently has Iceland emerged as a destination to be seen by discerning travelers. From the capital city of Reykjavik to the glaciers and geysers of the island’s most geologically-active lands, we are showing you the sights and locations that make Iceland the modern-age’s most sought after vacation stop.

While there are many non-stop flights into the capital city of Reykjavik, disembarking into Iceland by ship offers a much more beautiful — and fitting — entry into the nation of ice. Cruise ships use  the various southern ports as a stop-off in between The Americas and the European ports of Southampton, Liverpool…

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