24 Feb

Law of Attraction Mastery

In “The Healing Heart: Antidotes to Panic and Helplessness”, Norman Cousins, credits laughter with much of his miraculous recovery from a crippling neurological disorder.  Cousins noted, “Nothing is more important in the treatment of serious disease than liberating the patient from panic and foreboding”. Nothing is more important than feeling as good as we can right now. Good feelings attract more good feelings and good circumstances into our lives.

The following are small steps you may take to feel better consistently.  Decide which ones most appeal to you. Feel free to come up with your own small steps too.

SMALL STEP #1:                 What Can You Think? What Can You Do? Who Can You Talk to Or See To Feel Better Right Now?

Make a list of as many things as possible that you can do right this moment to feel as good as you can. Ideally, these things should involve…

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  1. kenhaberman February 24, 2013 at 17:46 #

    Thank you for sharing my post with your readers, Simon. Your work is very inspiring and I look forward to reading your posts regularly. All the best!
    Ken Haberman

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