Penang’s Hainan Clan Temple

9 Feb

Hainan Temple_Penang

Written & Photographed By Simon S. Sundaraj-Keun

Firstly, let me say a Happy Chinese New Year 2013 and may the Year of the Snake bring prosperity, progress, and great health to all who are celebrating during this festive time.

The Penang Hanian Clan Temple is unique and beautiful as it represent a sub-group within the Chinese community in Penang. The Hainan Clan hail from Hainan, China and they are well-known for their food in Penang.

You can read more on by clicking here: Penang Hainan Temple

Please enjoy the following photographs below when I took from my visit of the Penang Hainan Temple at Muntri Street, Georgetown, Penang, MALAYSIA.

DSCI0034 DSCI0031 DSCI0027 DSCI0018 DSCI0023 DSCI0024 Hainan Temple_Penang DSCI0022


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