25 Jan

What can I do with a B.A. in Japanese Studies?

From the University of Michigan Center for Japanese Studies mailing list:

23rd ASIA BUSINESS CONFERENCE “Asia: Riding the Wave of Change”
February 1-2, 2013
Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan
REGISTER NOW! (http://rossabc.com)

The Asia Business Conference is the longest-running student-organized business conference focusing on Asia in North America, and it was pioneered right here at the Ross School of Business. We invite you to join us for the 23rd annual Asia Business Conference. Come hear amazing speakers, network with prominent Asian business leaders, and explore the wave of change. Japan Business Association supports the Japan session in this conference to enhance the understanding of Japanese companies and economy at University of Michigan.

[Speakers and Topics/Japan Session 2/2 12:45PM~2:15PM R2220]

Ryohei Oikawa, Global Corporate Advisory Americas, Industry Research Division, Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd.
◆Topic: The future of the economy of the World and Asia

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