14 Jan

Source of Inspiration

double rainbows

It’s been raining for days
after months of delay. When
the rain began, I sighed in
relief as the scorching heat
was replaced by cool breezes
and rain. Soon I discovered
some imperfections in my
house as the rain inside looked
similar to the rain outside. The
roads are an impassible quagmire
of red sticky mud. To further the
tale, my car has a flat tire and
my phone doesn’t work. And yes,
my computer is fried. Seems like
a very strong message for me so
I have been open for what it all means.

I am happy to be home. Perhaps
I will learn to like the odd
arrangement of furniture to
avoid raindrops. Fortunately, I
have a water filter as the rain is
also washing mud into my well.

The greatest blessing is that I
have lived long enough to know
that life is like this…full
of pluses…

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  1. heartflow2013 January 15, 2013 at 03:48 #

    This is a good one! Thanks for posting ~ Makes me very thankful for what I have!

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