14 Jan


see, I said i would blog today!!

The History of Rome - The Third Punic War

For the first time ever, The Romans started a Punic war. If I got my facts right, ( give me some slack, I’m going off of memory) Marcus Cato was a senator who said they should not stop there, and they should continue the war against Carthage. He made many speeches to the consul, all ranting on and on about the ghastliness of Carthage, and he ended each one with,” Carthago Delenda Est”( hence the quote from the first Punic post) Eventually, Cato convinced the senate to send an army to Carthage. This war was not as glorious as the others, no major battles or enemies. One small thing to mention is Macedonia tried to help Carthage. They sent war elephants and beat Roman armies, but at heavy losses, because they were not used to fighting in Italy. The Greek commander said,” One…

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