The “Silent Five” – Sitting With Your Self

12 Jan

The Still Mind

For those that live a hectic lifestyle (as is the norm for the majority of people today) it is very easy to wear the body out, and I’m sure that there is no shortage of worn out bodies walking around. There is something that is very important for the commander of your organism (you, in other words) to heed, and that is listening to your body. It’s harder for people now to listen to their body’s signals and accurately interpret them, due largely to the existence of, and ability to satisfy the heavily influential convenience drive, and the running “doing” of present human life. Yet, the body’s needs exist nonetheless, and it will come knocking when they are not met.

One of the greatest things that one can do for their body and mind, is to stop “doing” for a period of time, and release the control of the conscious…

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