The Great Emptiness

12 Jan

Source of Inspiration

with god

Sunrise Minuet, Composer and Musician, Sara Potenza Nicholls

This Sara playing her powerful music on her amazing keyboard.


Please listen to this beautiful music as you read the poem. I have often used Sara’s Source music as an inspiration for a poem.


There is a great emptiness
within a space where faith belongs.
Yet, my faith is not willing or able
to settle down in its place within.

I walk the path in silence, wondering
at this great longing that grips me
at times, leaving me crying with tears
that will not come.

I cry for you, oh my Beloved Creator.
I long to rest in your loving Light,
free of these shadows that tug at my soul.

Finally, I sit quietly listening, letting
the breeze calm me; birds twitter above me.
I listen, oh so carefully and am rewarded
by Your whisper: You are my Beloved…

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