12 Jan

The World is your Kaleidoscope

Another day full of different perspectives – although today’s were quite a bit more chilly than yesterday’s!  Jennifer Epstein opened the day with a lively and engaging discussion of her work as an educator with the National Park Service.  After hearing about the theories and methods behind museum education it is always nice to hear from someone actually on the ground, practicing these theories and methods.

Most of the rest of the day was dedicated to exploring the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial.   Despite the cold and the ever-present misty dreariness it was a pretty enlightening day.  My group was actually able to develop a pretty neat lesson plan based on the Lincoln Memorial – http://instagram.com/p/UW1QBJqpG5/

Much like my unappreciated trip to Stonehenge as a moody pre-teen (which my family still likes to bring up especially now that I work in archaeology),when I last visited the Lincoln Memorial I did…

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