12 Jan

Chakra Center

Today I breath-in to observe the Kingdom.

I give thanks for all friendships, lovers, and family pleiadian_healingremembers in and throughout my life. “Good” or “bad,” I acknowledge their service. I choose to remember the God in all people, and to recognize myself in everyone’s “failures” and “success,” knowing that Ultimately there is only ever experiences.

I know each and every person my heart interacts with is assisting my expansion and growth. I recognize the value of all people, and I choose to see those around me and myself for the Truth of who and what we truly are.

Today I feel the enduring peace of the Kingdom within. I the-kingdom-of-God-is-within-youremember true glory exists within my inmost Being. I know that in the Silence, the I Am is there. As I bring my attention and focus to the place within me where the Source of All Life breathes; I feel the…

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