12 Jan

Wildflower Women

Are you tending to your garden of balance as the New Year unveils itself?  Are you feeling anxious about 2013, or relatively tranquil?  Maintaining balance is the goal for all of us whatever circumstances present, and I mean whatever!  Long lines, broken appliances, broken hearts, thoughtless words, hold on no matter what as it is you who have control of the situation.  When anger rises, or panic sets in, none of us do our best if we regress to lower vibrations.  Balance is key.

How do we achieve balance?  Well, it is a practice each and every day.  Meditation is a great way to begin, and meditation can start right where you are right now. It need be nothing complicated, close your eyes and listen to your breath as you inhale and exhale.  We practice meditation to keep ourselves in balance when things conspire to do otherwise in our busy…

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