Why does India treat its women so badly?

10 Jan


Why does India treat its women so badly?

Photo from Mamamia

All over the world, women are treated badly but India would be the worst culprit in this area.

Ever since the news of the death of rape-victim,Jyoti Singh Pandey  I have felt increasingly sad and disillusioned by the human race, especially by the half who are our fathers, brothers , husbands, sons, grandsons…

India is supposed to be a civilised society, a spiritual country with the oldest existing religion in the world. It is the country that the west looked to for spiritual inspiration and guidance, the mecca for enlightment.

‘Mother India’, “Mother Ganga’ and a multitude of goddesses are all apparent symbols of respect to the female gender yet apparently, respect for women is precisely what is lacking in modern indian society.

So…what went wrong?

Why is there so much violence perpetrated against the gender who gave you life and nurtured you to manhood?

I know that…

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