10 Jan

The Tarot Alchemist


Words can touch in a myriad of ways

but they can never fully express the feeling

just a faint whisper,

a shadow of the essence that was felt.

But everything turns in a great circle

a cycle of time

Things come

things go

and things come round again

Maybe we cling

but we forget that clinging dulls the moment

Stay flowing if you can in each moment

There is where it sparkles to illuminate your soul

each feeling a blessing

a gift

like a shower of love

a wash of spirit

Stay in the love

for that is the only truth

Take this love and radiate it out to touch all things, all people.

Don’t be tempted to place it in a box with a pretty bow, it won’t breathe in there

Love needs movement and space

Love with conditions resides in a box,

but over time it withers


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