Alumni Application

10 Jan

One Girl and a Dream

Alumni Application

Oh good lord, I just found out the Ladakh Alumni Grant application has to be in by tomorrow.

I’m frantically doing it now and praying I’m doing it right…

It’s basically a CAS form so I’m not sure just how much I can screw up by seeing as I’m an IB student and all… haha

Anyway, I’ve nearly finished it.

Yes, I’m going for the Ladakh trip. Honestly, wouldn’t you? Maybe I could postpone Greece to August? July is the height of the tourist season… surely it’d be better to go later and not have to pay peak prices? Anyway, the money losses aren’t too damaging and by postponing Greece I have more time to earn money…

So what’s so great about Ladakh? Let me list the ways:
– We get to go to INDIA! I’ve never been to India in my life.
– We get to TREK through the…

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