a scene from a bachelor life … bertil, part 5

10 Jan


waiting train  - themeapicture com
Bertil was out travelling by train and he had share sleeping car during a train journey with a beautiful woman. There was a bunk bed in the wagon and the woman slept on the upper part and the Bertil on the lower. The woman began to freeze. She knocked gently on the edge and said:
– Hello? Excuse me?
She heard Bertil woke up:
– Mmmm …?
– Yes, she said, I’m freezing. Could you go get a blanket?
– Well, Bertil said, I know a better way.
– What? asked the woman.
– Yes, we can pretend that we’re married, Bertil said seductively.
The woman wouldn’t mind to have little cozy romance in bed.
– Yes, why not she said.
– Great! Then you go get the blanket for yourself!

bunk bed - cartoonstock com

Pictures provided by and thanks to; themeapicture.com & CartoonStock.com

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  1. viveka January 10, 2013 at 16:21 #

    Thanks for reblogging … very sweet of you !!!

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