10 Jan


Ghosts in a run

Stealing safety; having fun

Conquering a tranquil town

Leaving beauty in fear to drown

Blowing blindness everywhere

Altering a dream to a nightmare

Waiting guards to sleep to kidnap the moon

Leaving a bride, on her wedding night, cry her groom

Invited couples getting mad

Ghost satisfied and glad

Has it died before birth

next morning!

Too early stars
declared mourning

Careless clouds too
did weep

Guardian Angels
were having a deadly sleep

Breaking the first rule
in closing their eyes

Leaving Cold’s Ghosts control
what’s beyond the seven skies

Ticks ticked pity, yet heart of time’s so vacant

Striving; Silver finally escaped; back impatient

Impatient to see how looks his bride

And anxious to have her by his side

But there she is with rivers of pain flooding on her lap

Shall the wedding start now after confusion has taken a nap!

“And what’s after…

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