Meet The Clarity Ensemble, The Phone That Closed-Captions Your Conversation In Real Time

9 Jan


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Most of the time when we cover a new phone launch, it’s all about something that’s small, lightweight, fully-featured, and mobile — and often it’s aimed at the cutting edge of hip young consumers. But today at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, we met the folks behind a very compelling new gadget that happens to be none of those things: The Clarity Ensemble.

Clarity, a division of Plantronics dedicated to making communication devices with amplified audio for those with impaired hearing, has teamed up with a company called ClearCaptions, which provides text transcription captioning services for phone calls to create the Ensemble. The Ensemble packs a one-two punch for people who have trouble hearing: It provides sophisticated amplified audio like a hearing aid, and real-time text captioning of the ongoing conversation on a seven-inch screen. clarityces

Sure, this may not be the phone…

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