Art History in Sherlock Holmes: Vincent Van Gogh and J.M.W. Turner

9 Jan

Art History Ramblings

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Amazing the art history references one can find in both the original stories and various adaptations that have emerged over the years.  If you want to read about art history and the Mona Lisa subplot in the Granada adaptation of The Final Problem, I recommend Three Pipe Problem’s highly informative take on the story.


I think Elementary captured the spirit of the original stories.  Holmes’ actions involving the Pietà show how lenient the original Sherlock acted towards people who involved themselves in criminal activity.  See The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle for proof.

I wonder, out of all the Van Gogh paintings the writers chose, they chose that one.  To the best of my Van Gogh knowledge, that one does not receive the lot of press.  Did it act as an allegory for the relationship between Watson and Holmes?  Her taking a “dead” man…

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