Reading Freud for pleasure

8 Jan

Several, Four, Many

There is no need to be afraid of Freud. For the most part he is a very clear thinker with an excellent prose style. He viewed psychoanalysis to be as much cultural as scientific and his writings are filled with references literature, myth, art, etc. Yes, there are some very particular and technical books and papers but he rarely resorts to jargon and it is possible for anyone interested to follow even his most technical works. His career begins narrow and gets broader and broader as he gets older, and more well-known. He begins with very focus studies on specific pathologies like hysteria, gradually develops an understanding of the unconscious through studies of dreams, jokes and everyday life. He broadens further with his writings of sexuality and family. Eventually writing about the social psychology and eventually culture more generally.

The books are enjoyable and entertaining to read. For non-specialists…

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