I Will Remember You

8 Jan

Who I am

I took a nap after I blogged today

Now I am better but numb in some ways

I see a weakness inside of me

I need to fix so I am not weak in the knees

It bothers me when I see the anger set in

Where are the smiles that would turn to grins

Does Parkinson’s cause this big of deal

Spinning the personality wheel

Mumbling and cussing is not really his style

Maybe this anger will stay only a while

I hope the new increase in meds

Will cause sleepiness and put him in his bed

I thought the only thing I would ever see

Is maybe Al not walking like he used to be

But it seems to me this disease is really bad

Wanting to steal all that Al always had

I guess it is possible that he may not know

Or remember me or his…

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One Response to “I Will Remember You”

  1. terry1954 January 8, 2013 at 20:23 #

    thank you so much my friend for sharing my story about my brother

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