The Concept of Compassion

7 Jan

Reflections on Life Thus Far

It’s ironic how I know what compassion is when I’m giving it to myself but compassion for others is a challenge. Let me

re-state that. Compassion is challenging with people I’m close to. My empathy gets in the way and if I can’t provide some kind of relief I feel miserable. Compassion for people I’ve never met is okay, I can do that because my empathy is more connected to the moment I learn of someone’s distress. With friends or family the empathy is a curse. It leaves me feeling impotent when unable to alleviate their suffering. Then I get frustrated because I think, what’s the good of being empathetic anyway? I was better off when I couldn’t identify my feelings and could only offer my sympathies to people. Now I am concerned that I don’t understand compassion very well. To me, compassion is feeling someone’s distress and being moved…

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