Startups: Keep It Simple, Stupid

7 Jan


Why some startups soar to great heights while others stumble and fall is almost impossible to answer without digging into the detail of each, on a case-by-case basis. So many factors affect success — from funding and timing, to experience, execution, competitive landscape and even luck. There is also the strength of the idea itself, and whether the competition is better, faster, stronger than you are.

But strip back some of the complexity and there are some basic overriding principles that make it more or less likely a startup will succeed. And the simplest of all these rules is simplicity itself.

Like any good pitch, if your idea can’t be conveyed in a sentence its survival is already in doubt. Above all else: keep it simple, stupid. This may sound really obvious but judging by many of the pitches that pass through TechCrunch’s inbox there are still far too many…

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