Oktoberfest in Black & White

7 Jan

i am the traveler

Black and white photography adds weight to any image. I didn’t know that my camera had color filters until we were three quarters done with our trip through Iceland and around Europe.  After I discovered the various filters, I had a lot of fun.  I’ll share some other images eventually, but wanted to post these first. We were in Munich for a couple of days of Oktoberfest.  My husband (known locally as Mr. Beer…that’s a whole different story), is a homebrewer and has always wanted to go to Germany where his dad had been posted during the war (Korean War that is…smart guy).

I didn't know that Oktoberfest was going to seem like a very large state fair (with a lot more drinking!).  I loved the mixture of modern fair and ancient church.


In order to get to the Oktoberfest grounds, we took the subway from our hotel.  Because I was using a small point and shoot, I was able to capture a few photos that taking out my dslr would have changed (think Schrodinger’s cat).  I can’t help but…

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