Happy Holidays!

6 Jan

La Bonne Chère

Just came back from two weeks in Sweden where I spent a very nice and white Christmas.

On Christmas day I made my stuffed turkey that I also made here in France for my pre-Christmas dinner with my French family . The secret is the succulent stuffing and the fact that you let the turkey rest afterwards. That way you don’t get that dry boring white meat, but an extremely tender and  juicy one.

Here’s the recipe: (for 6 persons)

1 Turkey (3kg)


400g bacon (diced)

2 apples

2 red onions

A touch of curry

1 table-spoon of brown sugar

1 table-spoon of chili paste

3 celery sticks

10 garlic cloves

4 thick slices of Brioche

A handful of dates

1 bouquet of resh rosemary

Sea salt and crushed black pepper

6 yellow onions for the roasting

Here’s how you do it:

1.Take the turkey out of the fridge approximately…

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