6 Jan


I feel that I haven’t commented a lot about the socio-political climate here in Buenos Aires very much at all. As you may know, the economic situation is complicated, at the very least. There is rapid inflation which has been very noticeable in the short time that I have been here (since late July). In particular, I have noticed that the cost of food in supermarkets has certainly increased. Upon researching the matter, I found that I had not been mistaken as the grocery price index has risen 17.5%  in 2012. What is most worrying however is that this was not the rate published by the national statistics agency, INDEC, which claimed that it was 3 times less! It isn’t just the grocery price index though. The INF (International Monetary Fund)  has warned Argentina that it will be censured if it doesn’t start publishing TRUE data about the rate of inflation…

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