A Film Review

5 Jan

Sigh, Oh Jessica

I recently had the pleasure of seeing the movie Life of Pi at the cinema in the 3D. Before I went in, however, I had a feeling that the viewing wasn’t going to be as pleasurable as it was. Judging from the trailer and poster, I thought the film looked boring and pointless, frankly. I went in with a smile though, as we were there for my boyfriend’s birthday choice of film. And I should have trusted him, because like always, he picked a great movie.

Life of Pi was beautiful.
Life_of_Pi_movie_wallpapers-1680x1050.bmp-003From the very beginning of the movie I was engrossed, not just because it was stimulating visually but also because of promises of a story that would ‘make anyone believe in God’. There was also a great, likable main character in Pi played by some hypnotizing actors (Gautem Belur plays youngest Pi, Ayush Tandon plays 11 year old Pi, and Suraj Sharma

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