5 Jan

Military History Now

By the time of its final battles in the late 5th Century, the once mighty Roman Army bore little resemblance to the legendary fighting force that dominated the known world hundreds of years earlier. Although still serving the emperor, these last legions likely looked and fought more like early medieval soldiers than the cohorts of classical antiquity. Under-resourced, scattered across a rapidly dwindling empire and comprised more and more of non-Roman and even barbarian troops, the soldiers of the late western empire would fight a centuries-long defensive campaign aimed at keeping the encroaching hoards of Goths, Franks, Huns and Vandals at bay. By the time the barbarians sacked Rome in 410 and then again in 455, the western empire was beyond hope. Despite this, the ever-shrinking Roman legions of the west fought on. In fact, battles involving armies of Rome would continue until the last decades of the 5

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