5 Jan

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Drawing Raphael

Studying ‘Head of an Apostle’ by Raphael, Paula Kuitenbrouwer 2012

I greatly admire this drawing by Raphael. There are many things that have occurred to me when I was copying, free hand, Raphael’s apostle.

I will share two observations. First all the features of this head have dark and light parts. The hair has dark and light areas. The nose is half hidden in the dark, and the same contrast you find in the moustache, the chin (beard), the whole face, the neck, and the ear. This creates beautiful depth and tension: how will the apostle look when we see his face in full light? Had Raphael religious motifs to plan this contrast, as if to say, the apostle is halfway the light, being close to Jesus, but still half in the dark? Or did Raphael just like this baroque effect, which is almost always artistically enchanting?

The other observation…

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