5 Jan

Blick'n Click | Photo- & Reise-Journal

Anyone who has seen Thailand, will surely confirm: Hardly any other country puts its churches and its God so much at the heart of everyday life. The Buddhism characterizes the daily life and brings people together to a degree that we barely can imagine. Just to mention: In the temple food is prepared and distributed by residents to those who live and work there. Not only the monks take advantage of this service, even neighbours and needy come and live by the good deeds. Living animals that were purchased on the market, are not eaten, but brought into the temple area and released. Sure, these actions are not entirely altruistic. Every good deed is supposed to be a point on your own “karma account”, so to speak, as an investment for a rebirth in a good life. Because only the very saints achieve Nirvana, and get cast in gold, so…

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