A Photo Walk in Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

4 Jan

Nic Freeman

Aquamarine lakes are fringed with mossy veins and sunshine-dappled woodlands  in Croatia’s natural treasure, Plitvice  Lakes National Park. Covering almost 300 km2 , and comprising 16 lakes, Plitvice is  the largest of Croatia’s eight national parks and was the first established, back in 1949. As well as being just generally amazing,  with its (hiding) brown bears, enthusiastic schools of fish, tall falls and war-torn past, Plitvice is known for its vibrant lakes, which  miraculously morph between shades of blue and green depending on the mineral and organism levels in the water.

My best attempts to describe the serene beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage site just wouldn’t come close to conveying why I felt such awe when exploring the waterfalls, cascades, caves, karsts and woodlands. So, to come closer to doing it justice, here is a collection of photos I took while walking around the upper and lower lakes.

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