4 Jan

Hey from Japan- or wherever the moving van arrives- Emily Cannell

Life is not a race.

Unless you`re a Clampitt. Then what`s not a race is a competition. If there are no competitors, go up against yourself. I usually take on the inner voice that provides unwelcome running commentary on the day. The one that advises I use my rejected hair from “Locks of Love” for dirty dishpan scrubbing.

I am currently involved in a friendly competition, against myself, to see which one of us can visit the most Japanese UNESCO World Heritage Sites. One of us is a cheater as she counts multiple visits to the same site. She`s the American. The Japanese version of myself, who plays by the book, Ouisar-san, has seen 12 of the 16 UNESCO sites. My American alter ego, Emily, has seen 46 of the 16. (Emily double or triple counts a single trip. Sometimes it`s for good reason and not just list padding. When…

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