4 Jan

Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

Observe the nature of the mind of a Jivanmukta (Liberated Sage). It is perfectly balanced under all circumstances. His mind is always cool and unaffected by the pairs of opposites. His mind is free from elation and depression. It is neither elated by enjoyments nor depressed by sorrow and grief. Without being affected by the pleasures or pains of enjoyments though moving in them, the mind of a Jivanmukta will become inured to them. Through internal contentment and freedom from pains, there will arise in the Jnani (Wise men) an equanimity of mind in all circumstances and at all places.

Even when pains and the rest attaching themselves to his body exhibit themselves on his face, his mind never writhes under them or their antithesis. It is free from impure subtle desires. There will be no anger or desire. There will not arise any evil impulse of lust in such…

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