Small and Medium Entrepreneurs (SMEs) Broadcast Network System

24 Sep

By Simon S. Sundaraj-Keun

In today’s global business environment small and medium entrepreneurs (SMEs) are in a disadvantage when it comes to advertisement individual company or service. The reason is simple; the cost factor! Let ask: how one can overcome this hurdle in getting the message out? The answer is online presence because most networks out there are free to start-up and zero cost in maintenance of a web existence.

Take for example the chart below (click on the link to check out the chart) which illustrates how multiple networks provide a business or service with the ability to reach a wide audience other than a newspaper/radio/television advert or flyers on street poles. (Those chart and breakdown below are a few that comes to mind and it is in no way trying to promote certain networks over the others out on the World Wide Web. Remember it is for you to choose what network or setup is convenient to your taste or business).

 SMEs Broadcast Network System Chart

Let me breakdown what the chart above means and let call it the SMEs Broadcast Network System that is to enhance the services or messages provided by a free hosting Home Website towards a business or service.

 Everyone needs a Home Website which anyone can link to numerous multimedia affiliated hosting such as YouTube (serves as an e-TV), MySpace (serves as an e-Entertainment), Facebook (serves as a Social Networking e-Forum), Twitter (serves as an e-News Feed), and WordPress/Blogspot (a detail on a product or updating consumers via articles). This would give consumers the opportunities to give constructive feedback to a product or creating a survey for a prospective market.

 The center of gravity is the Home Website as it is maintained by the SMEs and the distribution of information, products, service, and commercial advertisement for a global audience. The other networks whether it maybe social, blogs, news feeds, and others will be the source in collecting information and providing service or business information to consumers or clients.

Public Profile Website like LinkedIn provides e-Listings of services and links to other essential websites. (It works like a web/net but in a circular pattern, which each website balances the flow of information and supplement each other.) The method of Budget via E-Financing/Sponsorship will be funnel through online payment networks or direct contribution to expand the growth of the Home Website or other networks that required expansion within the SMEs Broadcast Network System.

 Contact will be spread out to numerous e-mails (Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail) hosting, which would provide a control and patterning of the “name of business or service” by securing those usernames on email providers. Plus if someone type the name of the business but end it with another email service thus the targeted business will receive the email no matter the minor slip-up.

 Conferencing via the use of Skype or MSN could enhanced travel time and provide a face-to-face with clients, consumers, investors, and fellow employees. The other use of Skype is its ability to make computer to mobile or home phone at a minimum cost. This is a good investment in understanding Skype because it will be handy to any SMEs as more smartphones are including Skype applications for users around the globe. Imagine the potential of zero fees interacting with fellow investors or clients across the globe without shedding cost for making the call.

 The whole System materials or sources will be contributed by all within the community/business/clients/consumers, which in turn will be viewed by Global Businesses, Talent Hunters, Prospective Investors, Researches and etc.

 Remember the choice is yours to make in selecting what kind of setup works and what you are comfortable and confident with in making your SMEs presence known in your community or on a world stage. The power of making a business accessible is here for all as the start-up gives everyone an equal playing field but how you do to succeed is in your own destiny.

After all, why not let those stated networks above chart work for your business or services instead of you working for your adverts. It is a System that will provide maximum exposure and a business driven venture for the future with zero cost and minimum maintenance in the present with a big break from past business advertisement practices!

All the Best in your endeavors!




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